Large communal bath

Basic information / service

Total number of compartments
102 rooms
Credit card
VISA / JCB / American Express / Diner's Club / UC / DC / NICOS / OMC / UFJ Card / Master Card / Rakuten Card
We have no parking space. Please use nearby coin-parking lot.
Cancellation policy
Cancellation fee is charged as follows.
On the scheduled day: 100% of the room charge.
On the previous day: 50% of the room charge.
About non-staying without contact
We charge as follows for non-staying.
Non-staying / did not arrive: 100% of the room charge.
large public bath / sauna / non-smoking rooms / vending machine / laundromat (payment is required) / Amenity bar at the fourth floor
Cleaning service / Massage service / courier service
Accessible environment
We have accessible bathrooms, accessible guest rooms, and wheelchair accessible guest rooms. We offer guest rooms with Western toilets, in-room bathrooms with arm rails, and large common bathtubs with arm rails.
breakfast : iisa1F [ Yamakatsu Syokudo ( Japanese Casual Restaurant ) ] [ Seattle's Best Coffee ]

Guest room information

Single room

Twin room

Junior Suite Room

Accessible Room

Furniture and fixtures


Air conditioner, TV, Phone, wireless LAN, refrigerator, desk lamp, warm water wash toilet, air cleaner with humidification function, unit shower

Furniture and Amenity

dryer, electric kettle, liquid soap, body soap, shampoo, conditioner, tooth brush, Face towel, bath towel, nightwear, slipper, trouser presser (Equipment upon Request), clothes iron (Equipment upon Request)


Directly connected to JR Isahaya Station! Convenient location, 2 minutes ' walk from the station entrance gate.

When using JR railway or Kyushu Expressway

From direction of Fukuoka ( JR railway )
Hakata Station
Nagasaki Line ( Kamome )
about 100min
Isahaya Station
On foot
about 2min
From direction of Fukuoka ( Kyushu Expressway )
Dazaifu IC
Kyushu Expressway
about 15min
Tosu JCT
Nagasaki Expressway
about 70min
Isahaya IC
National Route 207
about 15min

Goole MAP

By airplanes

From Nagasaki Airport ( use airport bus )
Nagasaki Airport bus stop
airport bus
about 50min
Isahaya-ekimae bus stop
On foot
about 2min

Nagasaki Prefectural Bus Website

From Nagasaki Airport ( use rental car )
Nagasaki Airport
prefectural road 38 - National Route 34
about 25min

Goole MAP